An Amazing-Inspiring Trip to Pench National Park

An Amazing-Inspiring Trip to Pench National Park

A forest land area called residence of a jungle boy raised by wolves, a fictional character from the famous Jungle Book — ‘Mowgli’ is now especially acknowledged as Pench National Park. Have you ever been there to have the sense of Jungle Book and ultimate wildlife safari? If not yet, then get on your travelling shoes and explore the heart-stoppingly amazing panorama.

Sited on the boundary of Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh, Pench National Park is one of the most popular and well-maintained national parks of India. The picturesque landscape is dispersed over 257.26 sq km and is a calm abode of large cats. Out of the 48 tiger reserves under Project Tiger of Government o India, Pench National Park is recognized as 18th tiger book of our nation. The dense park area also embrace wild animals like panther, deer, blue bull, langoor, crazy dogs, bear, Chital, hyena, jackal, muntjac, leopard, wild boar, rhesus macaque, civet cats and gaur. Park visitors are mostly eager to sight the royal tigers.

Pench can also be birdwatcher’s ecstasy as one can spot myriads of gorgeous bird species like hornbills, barbets, kingfishers, wagtails, minivets, crested serpent eagle and crested hawk eagle. Due to extensive water bodies, high variety of wet land migratory birds may also be sighted here.

You could even find numerous rare and endangered flora in this national park. Right from the sky-high trees to floor level shrubs, the park has been spread with greenery. If you wish to research Pench into the fullest then you want to spend three or more days. The Pench National Park department offers different tour and safari packages to be sure you enjoy your trip in best way.

Pench National Park is much nearer to Chhindwara but individuals found difficult to attain the park, before. However after Bichhua and Jamtara gates opened up, it become much easier to travel. The park is just around 60 kms from Chhindwara.

Best Place to Stay:

There are many resorts in Pench national park to stay. But here I am sharing a resort that is situated in middle of park. Royal Jungle retreat resort is one the available resorts in pench. Some features makes in more comfortable and popular.

Points Of Interest:

• Turia Gate — entrance point 2.2 kilometers from ‘Tathastu’ (Pench            Resorts)
• Alikatta — center and meeting point of the Park
• Junewani Talao — little attention-grabbing pond
• Piyorthadi — sight where you can place leopards
• Baghin Nala — sight where you can spot tigers
• Sitaghat /Raiyakassa — breathtaking perspective of Pench river bank          and place for bird-watching
• Bijamatta — a pond having rocky land and scenic hilly region
• Bodha Nala — Small lake with tranquil surrounding
• Chindimatta — junction of roads from Chhindwara-Seoni

How to achieve Pench National Park?

Visitor can employ car or board a bus to achieve park. Chhindwara is about 65 kms. The most famous approach to achieve Pench is via Turia Gate that is in a distance of 13 kms Khawasa boundary, Madhya Pradesh.

Best time to visit:

The best time to see this scenic tourist destination is from October to April.

Pack your bags and get ready to have a trip to the mesmerizing land of rich flora and fauna.

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