Resorts in Pench : Royal Jungle Retreat

Pench national Park is one of the biggest national park in India, situated in Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh in India. Pench is most popular for Tiger and Elephant safari among tourist. If you are planning to visit Pench National park then you have to plan tour and stay in national park. There are many resorts in Pench national park but We are going to suggest you best Resorts in national Park.

We can say Royal Jungle retreat is the one of the best resort available in Pench. This resorts is very popular among tourist who already visited Pench national park.

Showing Super Luxurious Jungle Camping operating out of the center of Pench, the “Lion Lounge” the extremely fresh & fashionable magnificent destination for the noble experience amidst wildlife.

Tiger Area Resort includes an environment which makes you are feeling that you are backpacking while in the jungle but using luxury and the complete stability that has become a brand of the Royal Jungle retreat Staff. Coming from the “Royal Jungle retreat” people to you it lives up to the Royal Jungle retreat name in most its aspects. In a nutshell you’ve to be there, to “Feel The Bliss”, and in addition to it Pench’s real elegance

“Feel The Bliss”, and in addition to it Pench’s real elegance.
Well-placed within the buffer zone of the Park, it’s a natural lake produced in its border which extends to 80. It is adjacent to a rivulet which matches the main pond called Banjar well away of approximately 100 meters.

“Lion Area” is an extension of Royal Jungle retreat Tiger Resort. This resort gives visitors to Kanha standard of Housing, formerly uncommon in a sensation of inexperienced spaciousness as well as the region, all guests deserve when on the wildlife trip. The luxury tents with canopies, lavish bathrooms and private gardens are ideal distinction to the jungle’s toughness.


The housing contains 8 massive tents, each set on a elevated concrete plinth since 550 sq. ft. The design of tent’s part is simplicity and elegance itself. The entry is by way of a screened place which has a private dining bar with an armchair and chairs. These large tents are beautifully designed and also have kingsize beds, wooden wooden boxes and antique furniture. The tent is beautifully equipped yet clean. Well-equipped with mini-bar, dvd-player, TV and magnificent shower with modern fixtures makes them elegant and comfortable. Massive windows and the large outside deck provide spectacular view of the forest. At Royal Jungle retreat Tiger arena Pench, you’ll have a true hiking knowledge, without compromising on comforts.

Massage and Spa

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Your advanced eating and bar lounge cum library, the Habitat offers a great view of the Jungle, and acts Oriental, Indian and Continental cuisines. Inside our condition-of-the-artwork eating and bar lounge, we use, and take specific treatment to ensure the quality of our food only new organic goods in the village nearby. The catalogue offers publications and several publications to stay along with and supplies a calm part.

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